New Year Celebration

New Year is celebrated throughout the world. It is celebrated just like a festival. It brings happiness on the face of millions of people across globe. New Year is celebrated by kids, teenagers, elders as well as old people around the world.

In almost all schools and educational institutions, the winter vacation is announced from the day of Christmas which lasts till the last day of the year. 1st January marks the beginning of New Year, it also happens to be last day of the winter vacations. New Year is considered among the most important and wonderful holidays. A new calendar year begins on this day. The event is celebrated with great joy and pomp. The New Year of the Gregorian calendar, today in worldwide use, falls on 1st January. New Year is the time for people to leave their sad and bad experiences behind and wish for their own and their beloved ones happiness, good health and fortune in the coming New Year. However, to make children more skillful, knowledgeable and efficient, teachers give New Year essays as homework. Children have to bring their essays after the end of the vacations. This can also be a source to know the gratitude and the views of children towards New Year. The holiday would not be complete without a New Year Tree or the Christmas tree. It is a symbol of New Year, which is handed from one generation to another. It is a unique tree, which has thousands of small spines. It stays green throughout the year. The New Year Tree, that is one of the exciting things for children and even grown-ups, is seen in almost every house during this time of the year. The whole family participates in decorating a tree with toys, bells, stars, candies, mistletoe and colourful twinkling lights. Children consider this tree to be mysterious, because Santa Claus hides the presents under the tree on the night before Christmas. It is a great day for children. They sing different carols in chorus in remembrance of Jesus birth. They eagerly look for Santa Claus or the Father Christmas who is supposed to appear to distribute gifts to children. Santa Claus in red and white dress having long white beard carries a bag full of presents for the children. New Year is my favourite holiday season. It is one of the most celebrated days in the world. The day is shaped by different customs and traditions. Each culture celebrates this day in its own unique way. People start


  • Start date 2017-01-07
  • End date 2017-01-07
  • Contribution : Students Contribution


  • Place Paathshala Institute
  • Street DLW-BHU Road
  • City Varanasi


  • Co-ordinator : Indu Mam
  • Volunteer : Ashutosh,Pradeep,Ashish
  • Decorator : Aditit ,Bhavana, Sharanya

Photos of New Year Celebration on 2017-01-07