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'O' Level (NIELIT-Delhi), Diploma in Computer Application and Multilingual DTP (NIELIT-Chandigarh), Course on Computer Concept (NIELIT-Gorakhpur)

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Certificate in C Language, Certificate in C++ Language, Certificate in Core Java, Certificate in Tally-GST, Certificate in Computer Application, Certificate in Office Automation, Computer Classes for 9th to 12th Classes

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PHP, JSP, Python Web, App Development using Androied Studio

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Who we are to Serve the nation

India is undergoing a technological revolution. The last few decades have taught us the need to manage and change to service the national as well as international market. Investment in people, in human skills and abilities is equally vital. Creating human resource asset has become top priority of an organization. People with technological and managerial skills are need of the hour.

We, as educational planners at Pathshaala Society, have realized the need for bold initiatives on industry and /or career-oriented education. One of the main objective of Pathshaala Society, thus, is to impart quality education to people in this age of rapidly growing technology. The quality of an organization relates directly to its people, their work ethos, knowledge and skills. Pathshaala, through its state -of- art infrastructure and efficient faculty, promises to offer computer courses that not only provide a firm technical know-how but are also job-oriented in nature. It’s definitely a computer institute with a difference as it strives to pursue technical excellence in an age of Information & Technology. Series of Courses has been designed for the fast growing band of candidate those who wishes to gain knowledge, necessary to participate effectively in the computer revolution.

Dhirendra Sir
The institute is all set to bring out the potential within each student and provide proper guidance so that their potentials can be utilized to make them future and capable of meeting any challenge that will be faced by them after leaving the institute. Paathshala provides full support to improve their communication skills, critical thinking abilities, moral values and sense of responsibility. All efforts are made to improve the creativity and problem solving abilities of the students so that they can contribute their best to the society and the country If you are in right place, one simple idea-can create a chain reaction that can have profound impact to create your future. I extend very warm welcome to all students who wish to join our institute.
If Opportunity Does Not Knock, Build a Door
Indu Madam
Paathshala is not only one computer training center. It is an institution where student improve their knowledge with skill development. Here the faculties teach student not only theory but also real based practical to improve student practical approach towards the real life. In paathshala, we organize different quiz, seminar and training programme for students. For weak student paathshala also organize presentation and communication programme where they overcome with their fear and improve presentation skills. AS a faculty, I get full support from director sir of paathshala for implementation new plans and scheme, which make benefit for the students. My colleague, teacher also very co-operative for enhancing the goals of paathshala. One of the major goal of paathshala to provide quality education, practical knowledge with less fees for girl students as well as poor student. For this purpose paathshala organize scholarship scheme for girls.
Preeti Madam
Nurturing creativity and inspiring innovation are two of the key elements of a successful education, and a Paathshala is the perfect amalgamation of both. It harnesses the creative energies of the academic community, and distils the essence of their inspired imagination in the most brilliant way possible. I take this opportunity to congratulate the complete Paathshala team for bringing out their portal, which in itself is an achievement considering the effort and time required. May all our students soar high in uncharted skies and bring glory to the world and their profession with the wings of education!
Bharat Sir
Great things begin with small action. Now, you are living in that kind of world where you can do anything just by an opportunity or you can not able to do anything with many opportunities but do not wait for that one read to make that one
Satish Sir
Paathshala institute is very cool. The Teaching staff are also best. Teaching methodology are also unique. The faculty for Tally, Basic, DTP, Hardware and Networking are best as per students review.The faculties are very friendly and helpful. Training and job are also provided to all students.

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You will get training from our expert trainers : Indu Gupta, Preeti Singh, Praveen Rajput, Bharat Kumar, Heramb Mishra and D. P. Singh


You will get certification from Samagra IT Solutions. It is a software company which works in different sector PAN India.

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