Course Outline
C++ Training is very much essential to anybody who wants to be a programmer. The concepts of programming language and the features of object oriented programming are so well explained at Paathshala, that we lay a concrete foundation to your programming career. A systematic teaching methodology is followed so that the students can comfortably understand the differences, advantages and additional features of C++ over C

  • To learn the importance, benefits and features of C++.
  • To understand the concept of Object Oriented Programming.
  • To learn how to inherit parent class into the child class using the concept of Inheritance.
  • To learn the concept of polymorphism which would help to implement the object of class in many forms
  • To read and write the data from the text file and the binary file and also handle errors during file operations using IO Streams concept.
  • To learn how to handle exception and throwing the exception to the catch block using Exceptions concept.
  • To learn how to implement the concept of Generic in programming.
  • To learn the concept of sorting elements and searching an element from the collection of elements.
  • To learn how to insert, delete and search the element in Linked list, Stack and Queue.
  • To understand the concept of Trees and Graphs.
  • 10+2 Passed or
  • Any Graduate or
  • BCA or
  • PGDCA or
  • MCA or
  • B.Tech
  • Introduction to Programming
  • Algorithms For Problem Solving & Flow Chart
  • Introduction to C++ Language
  • Principles of Object Oriented Programming
  • Expressions and Control Statements ( Data Types , Identifiers & Constant, Operators )
  • Class & objects
  • Function in C++ ( Function Overloading)
  • Constructor ,Copy Constructor & Destructor
  • Operator Overloading
  • Inheritance
  • Virtual function & Templates
  • Shivam Singh


    Sir I want to know the timing of the batch. If there are any evening batch then please let me know.

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