Course Outline
Troubleshooter : A Troubleshooter is involved in providing assistance to the clients in regards to resolution of a technical issue either on phone or through a physical visit to client’s place.
System analyzer : The job involves organization and structuring of the computing system of the firm after finding certain enhancement methods through overall analysis.
DBMS Manager : The job involves proper structuring, management and organization of company’s database through ICT based tools.
Network Engineer : Network engineer is involved in designing the network structure blueprint that is required for the effective flow of data through the network.
Assistant Programmer : The job involves providing assistance to the senior programmer in face of testing and coding operations.
  • 10 Passed or
  • 10+2 Passed or
  • Any Graduate

  • IT Tools And Business System
  • Computer Appreciation
  • Computer Organization
  • Operating System
  • M S Word (Word Processing )
  • M S Excel (Spreadsheet Package )
  • M S Power Point ( Presentation Package )
  • Data Base Operation
  • Information Technology and Society
    Internet Technology And Web Design
  • Introduction to Internet
  • TCP/IP - Internet Technology And Protocol
  • Internet Connectivity
  • Internet Network
  • Services on Internet
  • Electronic Mail
  • Currents Trends on Internet
  • HTML Programming Basics
  • Internet Security Management Concept
    Programming & Problem Solving Through 'C' Language
  • Introduction to Programming
  • Algorithms For Problem Solving & Flow Chart
  • Introduction to C Language
  • Expressions and Control Statements
  • Conditional Statements and Loops
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