Course Outline
Objectives for this class:
  • Understand how server-side programming works on the web.
  • PHP Basic syntax for variable types and calculations.
  • Creating conditional structures
  • Storing data in arrays
  • Using PHP built-in functions and creating custom functions
  • Understanding POST and GET in form submission.
  • How to receive and process form submission data.
  • Reading and writing cookies.
  • Security tips (i.e. SQL Injection)
  • Create a database in phpMyAdmin.
  • Read and process data in a MySQL database.
    Applicable Job Roles: web designer, web developer, webmaster, web application developers
  • 12th Student
    BCA Students
    MCA Students
    B.Tech Students
    Any Graduate
  • HTML
  • Java Script
  • CSS (Cascading Style Sheet)
  • Oracle (Only Basic Commands )
  • PHP [ Introduction, Validation (Client Side and Server Side), GET, POST, Registration Form, Login Form, Session, Cookies, Regular Expression, Data Transfer, Login, Logout, Download, Upload, Create Profile, Edit Profile, Data Submit to Database, Access Data from Database and Display on Browser, ETC. ]
  • MySql
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